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Nail Salon..Pampered Yourself for the Special Occassions

Norcal Jump proudly sponsored:

CHAMPAGNE nail bar

completely remodeled

brand name nail polish colors

organic products are sold here

Special Occasions are welcome here

Excuses to get PAMPERED:

1.  Mother's Day

2.  Graduation Day

3.  Birthdays

4. Weddings

5.  Valentine's Day (Definitely needs to be pampered)

6.  Really?  I don't need excuses...just feel like it

Time: 9:30am- 7:30pm

Address: 1375 Kooser Rd., San Jose, CA 95118 (Almaden Valley)

Phone: 408-265-7173

We specialize in Acrylic, Dipping Powder, Gel and Herbal Manicures/Pedicures.

We carry Organic Products.

NorCal Jump

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